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Kim Janese





Kim Janese, a San Diego local, exudes a zest for life and embraces a variety of passions. Her professional background lies in Family Visitation Supervision, where she shows unwavering commitment to seizing opportunities. Kim’s philosophy revolves around nurturing relationships, forging connections, and seeking personal growth through shared experiences. Her interests span travel, lifestyle, culinary arts, literature, personal fitness, and pilates.

With a natural affinity for people, Kim Janese immerses herself in deep human connections. She strives to understand individuals on a profound level, delving into their past and finding joy in the little things. Her primary goal is to invest in relationships and facilitate personal growth.

Throughout her life, Kim Janese has traveled to over 45 countries, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse human experiences. While immersed in new cultures, she enjoys discovering moments that resonate with the essence of humanity. Interestingly, she finds that those seemingly different from her teach her the most valuable lessons. Some favorite destinations include various African countries, Cambodia, Peru, and Turkey. 

As an experienced Family Visitation Supervisor, Kim Janese has adeptly guided families through the intricate family court system. In this impactful role, she facilitated therapy placements, organized educational programs, and monitored court-ordered visitations. Her tenure has provided invaluable insights into the human psyche and our response to adversity. Kim is passionately dedicated to helping people understand how their past experiences influence their present lives.

Given her background, it’s no surprise that Kim Janese advocates for holistic well-being, both mentally and physically. She emphasizes the transformative belief that life’s events occur FOR us, not TO us, shaping our outlook on life. Kim passionately pursues physical fitness, with expertise in pilates and regular weightlifting, while also prioritizing her dietary choices.

Outside of her professional and personal pursuits, Kim Janese finds solace in the culinary arts and literature. She enjoys sourcing intricate recipes that push her boundaries and provide a sense of accomplishment. In her reading escapades, historical fiction and mysteries captivate her imagination and take her on literary adventures.

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